Tank Installation - Siebla Combustibles

Our technical team enables the installation and approval of tanks for the supply of diesel oil according to the current regulations registered by the Junta de Andalucía through the Ministry of Employment and Technological Development of the provincial delegation of Malaga. We also homologate old installations.

  • Start-up of industrial activities and facilities.
  • Liquid petroleum products.
  • Certificate of tests and regulatory tests of P.P.L. installations, according to decree 358/ 2000.
  • Certificate of oil installations (royal decree 2085/1994, of October 20, approving the regulation of installations, modified by royal decree 1523/99, of October 1).
  • Consumption and supply forecast.
  • Data of the installation company.
  • Certificate
  • That the installation whose data have been indicated above has been carried out at all times, with the technical requirements and conditions expressed in the royal decree 2085/1994 of October 20, which approves the regulation of petroleum installations, modified by the royal decree 1523/199, of October 1, and the ITC that develop it. And for the record, for the purposes of the mandatory registration in the register of oil installations and, where appropriate, in the industrial register of the province.

In all our installations we certify that the installer of P.P.L., assigned to the company installer of P.P.L., certifies:
That our installation commissioning consists of the following documents according to the regulations (P.P.L):

Installation and homologation of tanks.